Toro Plumbing and Mechanical, LLC is a service, installations, and repair company serving New Jersey clients exclusively and applying decades of expertise and in-depth knowledge of plumbing, hot water, and steam heating systems.

Steam Heat Troubleshooting and Boiler Replacement Specialists.

Oil to Gas Conversions

Reduce your dependence on oil and enjoy the benefits of clean, natural gas.


Water and drain piping and repairs

We all have pipes. Sooner or later they break. We’re the people who fix them right.


Steam Heating Boilers and Circulating Hot Water Systems.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of older homes and multi-unit buildings and the proper piping of radiator-based heating systems makes us the best team for the job.


Hot Water Heaters of all kinds.

Tank-type, tankless, indirect, hybrid, electric…we’ve been installing, troubleshooting, and servicing water heaters of all kinds since the ’70s. We know how to make hot water that lasts.


Faucets and fixtures

We’re experts at installing your new plumbing fixture and faucet. There are so many to choose but there’s nothing out there we haven’t seen. From Kohler, Delta, and Price-Pfister to Dorn Bracht, Barber-Wilson, and Waterworks. It’s all in good hands with Toro.

An overview of our plumbing services includes:

  • Plumbing repairs of all systems
  • Sump Pumps
  • Back-Up Sump Pumps
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Water Softeners
  • Water Heaters

Heating System Maintenance

It is important to have your boiler inspected at least once yearly or at seasonal startup by a certified and well-trained technician. Toro employees are taught by two of the industry’s few professional instructors and licensed Master Plumbers, brothers and owners of the company, Dave and John Cataneo, along with their cousin and partner Angeline Hudson.

Your heating system is one of the most important components of your valuable home.  When properly maintained it can provide worry-free comfort and warmth for decades. Annual boiler service and maintenance not only affects reliability, but conducting regular check-ups also minimizes operating and energy costs, promotes equipment life longevity, and maximizes carbon monoxide safety.